Here’s where I get to blab on all about me..Memememememememememememeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Now what can I tell you! I’m a tall, freckly, Australian children’s author. That’s me in the pic but you probably already worked that out…

As well as writing books, sometimes I make documentaries. Books and films are very similar things. They’re just different ways to tell a story. For me, telling stories is a super fun way to spend my time. And the only thing I like better than telling stories is listening to music. That’s probably why it pops up in my work all the time. My documentary WIDE OPEN SKY was all about a children’s choir in remote NSW and the importance of growing up with lots of music.

The other thing I love to do is hang out with my kids. We love animals and pretty much every family holiday revolves around tracking some down. We’ve swum with turtles, seals and dolphins. We’ve been chased by a whale (apparently he mistook our boat’s bubbly wake as a sign we were looking for a fight..we weren’t!) and attacked by a sea snake (well the other lady on the boat was, we just got the heck out of the way!) Crocs, emus, you name it we like to go on holiday with it.

And we have a mutt called Spencer. Here’s Spencer after a bowl-and-a-half of spaghetti.

And check out this mini horse we saw in Bellingen. We’re city folk so even a sheep gets us excited!

Some day we hope to go to Africa. Africa is most definitely the only continent on Earth that has animals as wondrous as ours.

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