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Anyway, that there book you can see on the left (or where ever it pops up on your phone)  – Dr Boogaloo and The Girl Who Lost Her Laughter –  that’s my new book!

It’s a hilariously sad tale about a girl called Blue who’s lost her laughter and the adventure she goes on to find it at The Boogaloo Family Clinic of Musical Cures. Wait till you meet Dr Boogaloo! I reckon you’re going to love him….


 Sydney Writers Festival

Dr Boogaloo and The Girl who Lost Her Laughter
By Lisa Nicol

This …book is a terrific choice for middle-grade readers. It’s rare to find a book that invites you to think of music as you read it. I felt my auditory sense had been switched on as I turned the pages of Dr Boogaloo and The Girl who Lost Her Laughter.

Dr Boogaloo is sure to invite myriad questions from children fascinated by the different musical genres described. The book, as the title suggests, tells the story of Blue – who has not laughed for 712 days! Blue can’t turn to a regular doctor to fix an illness like this, only Dr Boogaloo’s and his wife, Bessie, can help her reconnect to happiness. They use the most powerful medicine known to humankind… Music! It’s the Boogaloo’s ability to mix magical sounds that is both the cure and the gift of this book.

And Another lovely one from Alice-Miranda & Clementine Rose author Jacqueline Harvey.

First up is a lovely story called Dr Booglaoo and the Girl Who Lost her Laughter by Lisa Nicol. It’s a really sweet read with some fabulous characters and quirky ideas.  Dr Booglaoo isn’t your regular run of the mill GP for a start – he treats people for some very unusual complaints like refusing to go to school wearing anything other than a purple bikini in the middle of winter syndrome or some children whose noses had grown so long they’d begun to curl. But when he encounters a young girl called Blue, who hasn’t laughed for 712 days, he finds himself with the greatest challenge yet. He tries every musical antidote he can think of and nothing works. Just when you think all is lost for Blue and Dr Booglaoo, something wonderful happens. If you want to know what that is though, you’ll have to read the book for yourself!

Magpies Magazine’ s Russ Merrin

The charm of this unusual, satisfying, quirky tale lies in its refreshing sense of whimsy and general nonsense that runs parallel to Blue’s desperate quest to regain her laughter. It is an enchanting tale full of gentle humour and positivity, which encourages us to push on through our challenges, however hopeless they may seem.