Vincent and The Grandest Hotel on Earth

Everyone deserves a bit of grand . . . From ordinary to extraordinary, Vincent and The Grandest Hotel on Earth is a marvellous ride that will delight readers of all ages.

Perched high on the snowy slopes of the Mabombo Ranges lies The Grandest Hotel on Earth. It’s wilder than the African savanna, more fantastical than Disneyland and more magical than Shangri-la.

So when ordinary eleven-year-old Vincent meets the hotel’s young Florence he sets off on a path leading into his most wondrous dreams.

But of course, dreams have a funny way of taking strange and surprising turns and, before long, Vincent is torn between right and wrong, friendship and family and the most enticing of desires – to see into the future..

WARNING: this book includes insanely cute pocket dogs, travelling by llama or jet pack, chocolate fountains and shoes that play Bach.


“This is absolutely GRAND! I adored it. What a wonderful read!”

Karen Foxlee
Author, Lenny’s Book of Everything

“… so alive with magic and wonder … simply impossible to resist. This is a charming and surprisingly moving delight for readers aged eight and older seeking more of Nevermoor’s capriciousness, with all the sensitivity of Kate DiCamillo’s best. Four stars.”


“Utterly beautiful, completely joyous, just stunning..”

Megan Daley, Children’s Books Daily

This book is sure to win awards, including children’s choice book awards. It is highly recommended.

Dianne Bates, Buzz Words

“ epic and addictive adventure for junior readers. This is a book-world to fall into headfirst, dream about when you aren’t reading and fantasise about long after you’ve come to the end… This is a book that is destined to become a treasured favourite in so many homes and I predict lots of people are going to be talking about it.”

Shaye Wardrop,  Kid’s Book Review

The moment I opened this book I was whisked away into this fantastical world and really did not want to come out. But of course I FLEW through the book because it is utterly unputdownable.”

“This is the type of book that will be loved by kids aged 8 to 11. It is full of all the best things that your dreams could imagine!”

Rob, Lamont Books

This novel is so engaging it is difficult to stop reading it until the very end!

Patricia Halsall, Magpies

“ imaginative and hopeful read full of charming characters and an intrinsic sense of humanity…..that I liken to one of my favourite junior fiction novels, Withering-by-Sea.”

Better Read Than Dead Bookshop

“This is a delightful read for 8 plus readers that has heart and is smart. Quirky. Full of great imagery. Echoes of Dahl and the work of filmmaker Wes Anderson. Lisa Nicol is an Aussie writer to watch!”

Paul MacDonald, The Children’s Bookshop

“I give this book five out of five stars – yes it is THAT GOOD!”

Momo Time To Read 

‘Absolutely Grand….If your little reader enjoyed Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, they will love this book.”

Better Reading

Dr Boogaloo and The Girl Who Lost Her Laughter

CBCA Book of the Year Awards

2018 Notable Book, Younger Readers

Enchanting, timeless and surprising – this extraordinary novel will touch the hearts (and ears) of children and adults alike.

Dr Boogaloo was no ordinary doctor. Not at all like the one you might visit if you had a sore tummy. No, Dr Boogaloo was a very different type of doctor. He treated folks who suffered from rather unusual complaints. And how did he treat them? Why, with the most powerful medicine known to mankind . . . Music!

Blue was no ordinary girl. For starters, her name was Blue. But what was truly extraordinary about Blue was the fact that she hadn’t laughed for 712 days. Not a hee hee, a ho ho or even a tiny tee hee.

According to Dr Boogaloo, music can cure anything. (Of course, you need the right dose of the right music. No point listening to a jive if you’re in need of some boogie-woogie, and you can’t just substitute a toot for a blow!) But no laughter was definitely a case for alarm.

Can Dr Boogaloo compose a cure before Blue loses her laughter forever?


One of my favourite younger reads of the year has been Dr Boogaloo and the Girl who Lost her Laughter by Lisa Nicol. Funny. Edgy. A warm heart too.

Paul Macdonald, The Children’s Bookshop

I cannot tell you how joyous it was to read a book full of heart and soul and music

Megan Daley, Children’s Books Daily

If you’re after a chapter book for middle readers, then look no further than this fantastic read! I adored this book. ….. It is a whimsical and enchanting tale that both young and older readers will enjoy.


Dr Boogaloo and the Girl Who Lost Her Laughter is heartwarming and beautifully written. This is an engaging and unique chapter grade book, that is sure to make you laugh and possibly cry.

Alex, The Younger Sun Bookshop

Lisa Nicol has created a world full of heartfelt, funny and thoughtful characters……Hand this book to readers who might need a lift or a laugh. They are certain to get both.

Madeleine Crofts, CBCA

The Ballad of Dexi Lee

Painting by Lucy Culliton
Dexi Lee

Dexi Lee is a regular girl, except for one thing. Her hands are gigantic! Everything she does leads to absolute chaos. But one day she meets some extraordinary animals and suddenly life doesn’t seem so gloomy…..

This quirky, rhyming, picture book is illustrated by one of Australia’s best and most loved oil painters, Lucy Culliton. Uniquely Australian right down to Dexi’s Blundstone boots, The Ballad of Dexi Lee was selected by The Australian’s Stephen Romei as one of his favourite picture books of 2013.

A wonderful, heart-warming tale of difference and happiness